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Check out our new update.... Safe Note v3.0 is finally here!

This is the password screen which presents itself each time the app is openedThis is the list screen where you can organise your notes

The icon for Safe Note V3.0

Safe Note
Version 3.0


Keep your information password protected


Whats New in Version 3.0

• New look! Artwork re-designed from user feedback 
• Backup note collection 
• Import/ export notes to iTunes 
• Post to Facebook & Twitter 
• Set different fonts for each note 
• Set note alarms 
• Notes can be set as read only 
• Extra space when editing 
• Transfer files using the virtual USB stick! 
• More settings




We all need to keep information safe from those who have a curious nature, so how about if you could protect them with a password? Safe Note can do just that. Set a password (numeric & alphanumeric) and no one can access the application without it. All your notes will be secure.

Unlike other apps Safe Note does not restrict you with the use of fixed fields for bank accounts, credit card numbers, email address etc, which can be complicated and frustrating to use. Simply use the note to write what ever you want to... no restrictions.

Password Protection

The numeric or alphanumeric password is optional so you can choose to have the password feature on or off. It will be off by default until you set a password in the settings menu. Once set, a password screen will appear on launch restricting access until the correct password is entered. In the unlikely event you forget your password there is a backup option to answer a recovery question (if set).

Recovery Question

The recovery question is your backup for when you have forgotten your password. This is an optional extra and so is not mandatory, but if you choose to do so, an arrow button will be visible on the password entry screen, allowing access to the recovery question screen. Once visible you must enter the answer to your recovery question exactly as on record. If correct the application will reset the password allowing you to enter a new one.

Tabbed List View

To keep your notes organised and easy to access there are three visible tabs labelled 'ABC', 'Recent' and 'Favorites'. These tabs allow you to switch quickly between an alphabetically organised list, all your favorite notes and those you've edited recently.


There are many note-taking applications on the App Store but most are confusing, complicated and just hard to use. Safe Note simply lets you create free-style notes and access them from an easy to use list. Simple!


✓ NEW USB Stick Feature!! 
✓ Tweet notes 
✓ Update Facebook status 
✓ Export to iTunes 
✓ Create backup files 
✓ Reminder alarm 
✓ Lockable notes 
✓ Retina support 
✓ Full orientation support 
✓ Optional password 
✓ Password recovery question 
✓ Numeric password screen with custom keypad 
✓ Custom fonts 
✓ Tabbed lists for quick access 
✓ Mark notes as favorite or priority 
✓ Search your notes 
✓ Email notes 
✓ One button transfer notes from the free version (in settings menu) 
✓ Auto save notes in the background 
✓ iPhone 4 support 
... and more


App Store Screen Shots

tweet or update yourfacebook status with your notes

Organise your notes alphabetically, by recent, favourites & priority

password protect your notes

Set note reminders and alarms

USB stick will allow you to easily share files

Available on the app store





The note screen where you can edit your notes


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