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Version 1.4.1

Create fun, quick notes while on the move


Whats New in Version 1.4.1

• Crashing issue fixed - when viewing list of notes





Notelets is a quick, easy and fun way of jotting down quick notes or reminders.

Pull out the innovative pencil eraser to delete words quickly. Simply pull it out and rub the screen - great fun!

Take full advantage of the orientations: rotate the iPhone/ Touch left to view the note settings screen, rotate right to view the horizontal keyboard and hold upright to view your normal notes.

We all need to write down notes on the move, weather it is a quick reminder to buy groceries or a list of birthday gift ideas. But notes don't have to be boring! Notelets is an animated desk themed app that allows you to write your info on fun colored notes, stored on a pin board list that you can easily browse through. Even creating wallpaper reminders is a bit more exciting that you'd think.

Pencil Eraser

This application would not be complete without the innovative novelty pencil eraser that deletes previous written words by rubbing it up and down the screen. Simply pull it out from the top right corner and rub the screen vertically or horizontally (the change of direction and speed activates the eraser). When you want to delete your last sentence the eraser is much faster than holding down the backspace on the keyboard.

Wallpaper Reminder

Use your notes as a wallpaper reminder!

Set the note as a wallpaper then each time you look at your iPhone/ Touch and unlock it, you'll see your reminder and wont forget!

Whist viewing your notes press the action button to view the 'wallpaper creator'. All the menus are setup to simulate the 'unlock screen' so you can preview your wallpaper image before saving the image. Align the text, change the font size, set the background and press the 'Save Image', the image will then be saved to the Photos app. Open the Photos app and set the image as your wallpaper.

Manual Screenshot

Applications that programmatically save images to the Photos app are bound by JPEG compression that may cause the image to be slightly less quality. To compensate, Notelets allows the user to manually take a screenshot which results in higher quality. This means that unlike other apps we allow you to make the choice. To enable this feature go to the main settings menu and turn on 'Manual Screenshot'.

Note Menu - fonts etc

Whilst looking at an existing note turn the iPhone/Touch to the left and the screen will fade into a note menu. You can change the font, font size, change your note colours and set which colours you wish to have on the main screen

Horizontal Keyboard

Whilst looking at an existing note turn the iPhone/Touch to the right and the screen will fade into the horizontal keyboard. As the keyboard itself occupies such a large amount of screen space, the status bar will disappear and most options are removed to allow for a maximum amount of visible text.

Note Colours

Whilst looking at an existing note you will see three paint splats that change the note colour when tapped. These are the colours that have been set as favourites within the note menu. You can change the selection by tilting the iPhone/Touch to the left.



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