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Mystical Ball
Version 1.1

Shake and find the answers you seek


Whats New in Version 1.1

• Mystical Ball is now free with an in-app purchase to create your own custom responses!

• Better shaking logic that is more responsive

• The ball rolls around in a more realistic way




Being indecisive? Need some guidance? Want something better than simply flipping a coin? Introducing Mystical Ball.
Shake your iPhone/ Touch and watch as Mystical Ball animates the answer.


The Mystical Ball hovers above us, watching over the world and predicting our fate.
Want answers to your questions? Go on, give it a shake!

Should I order takeaway tonight?

Shall I have another beer?

Will I get that promotion?

Should I order another drink?

Will my girlfriend like this gift?

Will I be in trouble if I go out tonight?

Should I download this app?


Unlike other decision making apps Mystical Ball is fully animated and you can use the accelerometer to roll the ball around the screen. Each time you shake the iPhone/ Touch an animation is chosen at random to display the answer.


With over 100 responses Mystical Ball is never short of an answer! But watch this space as the next update will include the ability to edit your own responses.

Fancy some fun?

The best thing about Mystical Ball is that its just fun. Its fun to roll the ball around the screen and get an answer to your questions. And we know it may not be the best use of the iPhone's vast technology, but so what... we all love to shake things and see something happen. We hope you enjoy



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