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Version 1.1

Tap, tap, tap... pop! Boredom busting bubble popping fun


Whats New in Version 1.1

• Small code amendments for more stable game play




Globule is a addictive concentration game that you wont want to put down. Its simple but fun nature will allure you back for more along with a 'must have' need to beat your previous score.

Dont let the globules burst! You must deflate them each time one appears by tapping it with your finger. But make sure you keep your concentration, you cant slow down, stop or take your eyes away... even for a second.


The game features 6 levels:

L1: Classic - tap each globule before it expands to its bursting point

L2: Blackout - tap each globule but watch out for the black ones

L3: Color by Numbers - you must follow the colour code and only tap them in order of appearance

L4: Lifeline - double the trouble. Now you must save two globules each time, but make sure you catch the extra life

L5: Chaos - Not for the faint hearted. Now combine all the trouble in one level and you have only chaos to play with! You must follow the colour code without touching black globules, grabbing the extra lives at a pace you wont be able to keep up with... but there are four pause buttons that may help you along the way

L6: Sports Bonus Level - Make your way this far and you can play against novelty sports globules, but remember to only touch the baseballs!

Extreme! Difficulty

All levels other than Classic have their own 'Extreme' level of difficulty. This will speed up the Globules to a point where they will be hard to keep up with... only those who with higher levels of concentration can play this one!


The score will increase with each globule thats tapped. With such a simple scoring solution you will always remember your score and wont rest until you beat it.



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