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Check out our new update.... Safe Note v3.0 is finally here!

Our latest update to our fantastic note app, Safe Note is out now!


Safe Note v3.0 is now available on the App StoreAvailable on the app store

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Our latest creation - UK Free House Valuation app.

Our free property valuation app is now live! You can try out the app here -


Many people will look for a quick fix regarding their property valuation online needs and will often resort to methods that give them inaccurate quotes.  People looking to sell their homes will rely on shoddy online property valuation tools in order to determine the value of their home.  There are many online property valuation tools available, a basic property valuation done online is a bad option for those looking for an estimate that fits what they are looking for.  At House Buyers and more specifically through our website, Ready Steady Sell, buyers will get exposure to all of the tools that can assist you value your house and the advantage of real live professionals which is a very unique quality to working with us.  How do we perform valuations?  When choosing which company to work with that offers any “value my house” kinds of promises you want to make sure the process has certain basic elements.

First, check that the home valuation company you choose is completely free. You have a lot of options out there so there is no need to settle on any company that isn’t free.  You will find though that mostly any home buying company worth their salt will offer a free valuation.  All the options that we at House Buyers offer are absolutely free of charge from day one all the way through our entire relationship.

Now that we have established what we should be paying, what’s next?  It’s easy.  Take a visit to ReadySteadySell.co.uk and you will notice an application to the right of the page.  That form when typed out properly will give us the details we need to be able to efficiently come up with what your property is worth.

Within the information provided on this form we can begin to complete your home valuation.  The major part of any valuation is the comparison between the home you are looking to sell and how it compares to others in your area.  When we know the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size, etc. we can begin the comparing and contrasting.  The condition and advanced features you may have in your house or on the property in general should not be left off the form.  No detail is too small. 

Once we have all of your data we then compare it to houses similar to yours in your area that have recently sold.  Most of the time recent home sales can give you a good idea of what the value of a property is.  Once the valuation is done we will then present to you a detailed report that will entail the valuation of your home and how we arrived at that conclusion.

As you can see, other than providing us information on your home the home valuation process is pretty simple.  In addition, you should see now the advantage of a House Buyers valuation is much more accurate then one completed via an online property valuation.  We combine the convenience of property valuation online with the advantage of dealing with a live person who is qualified in this specific area of real estate.


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